- To promote and intensify the awareness raising campaigns on the importance of womens roles in sustainable development (social, economic and political), through educational institutions, media and non-governmental organizations


  Measurement of Progress;

  • Difficulties in monitoring and following-up on the implementation of policies and plans

  • Lack administrative bodies / mechanisms for execution

  • Measurement procedures for Talent Allocation & Development in Schools & Universities

  • Efficacy measurements of the programs implemented in the short and long term

  • Scientific criteria based tools to evaluate the accessibility to voice in the decision making sphere

  • To influence policy makers on the implementations of policies and the work of the government


  Achieving Goals;

  • Advancement of human capabilities and development of solid multi-layered strategies to enhance Arab women‘s participation in public life

  • Belief in women‘s capabilities to lead and shoulder the responsibility in the building of their nations

  • Integration of women in the labor market to improve the economies of their countries

  • Consolidation to cover all paths of development (socio-economic, politics, legislation, supportive environment, culture, government and NGOs, media, youth etc.. ) and target individual, family and the community at large